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Nurofy has a long working relationship with Proaktiv Eiendom in digital advertising. We have striven to give Proactive a unique advantage in their digital real estate advertising.

Nurofy has developed and tailor-made the advertising platform “AdPro” for Proaktiv Eiendomsmegling and it is Norway’s most complete solution for residential advertising. Proaktiv has the exclusive right to use the AdPro platform for real estate advertising in Norway. AdPro is based on our proprietary Artificial Intelligence and is called Protreff by Proaktiv.

Protreff were developed and implemented by Proaktiv early in spring 2016. The technology has been improved and further developed to deliver increasingly accurate advertising. Protreff advertises in Google and Facebook and drives traffic to dedicated landing pages with personalized content. Protreff analyse several factors for the real estate: Size, area, type of housing, number of bedrooms, etc. and data information based on webpage tracking: Image combinations, time of day etc. All in all, the Artificial Intelligence is more accurate in target segments than other marketing. The system is constantly improving and updating itself with new knowledge every 12 hours.

The goal of Protreff is not only that the ad should be seen, but also that the user downloads the prospectus for the home.

How effective is this solution

  1. Protreff provide 3-5 times as many impressions for the home than a regular ad in social media, for the same cost.
  2. In addition, each display of the property will increase the conversion rate between 80-160% compared to landing pages that do not have personalized content.

The result is that with Protreff, the conversion effect is 8.8 higher than a traditional social media ad. Are you selling a home? Then you should use Proaktiv and Protreff!

“A Brief summary, Protreff increases the likelihood that you will reach the most important buyer – namely the one who bids the greatest price for your property” Vibeke Stavenes – CEO of Proaktiv Gruppen AS.

Read more about the solution here (In Norwegian), or watch the video below (In Norwegian).

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