Privacy policy for ad technologies by Nurofy

Nurofy AS (“we” or “Nurofy”) are providing advertising technology for the demand side, the advertiser, to aid buying digital ads from the supply side like websites and mobile apps. Our services provide advertisers with easy to managetools to run successful advertising campaigns towards end users (“you”).

We strive to make our services and how we collect and consume data from individuals fully transparent and to adhere to industry standards and policies. This privacy policy will describe our processes for gathering and processing data and your rights and options regarding our services.

This is a summary of our privacy policy; the full policy is located below.
-We collect some information about you when you view our ads and interact with them or our client’s sites and services to provide more relevant ads for you.

-We cannot identify you as a real-world person, your browser or device are assigned a unique generated ID that we tie information to.

-You can opt-out of this at any time, and we will delete information about you and will not continue to gather information.

Information we collect

We collect information that are categorized as device-identifiable information (“DII”) as defined by Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”) (https://www.networkadvertising.org/understanding-online-advertising/glossary/).By delivering ads to you we collect some data about you and your device and assign a unique ID to your browser or device, but we do not intentionally collect data to reveal your real-world identity. The information we don’t collect intentionally include, but not limited to, name, phone number, address and personal relations, this information is defined as person-identifiable information.

Browser and device – We gather public information that is a part of the internet infrastructure like device, browser type, IP address and operating system.

Cookies – Cookies in your browser, Google user ID and mobile advertising identifiers like IDFA (Apple) and AAID (Google) to be able to recognize browsers and devices we have delivered advertisements to before.

Behavior – Our clients may use our services to link cookie ID to your interaction with their website and services, like what pages you navigate to, when you’ve accessed them and what pages you came from.

Precise location data – We may receive your location data in GPS coordinates (longitude and latitude) as a part of the offer to purchase ad space on your device. When this happens the mobile app publisher will have gathered your consent to use and share location data.

How information is collected

When an ad is delivered to you, we receive information browser and device and assign a unique ID to your device so we later can recognize the same browser or device. This will help us serve more relevant ads to you and our clients understand your need better. Our clients may also use that unique ID to measureyour activity with their sites and services to better understand your need. We collect information in these ways:

Tracking cookies – We assign a unique ID to your device and store in in your browser or store your unique device ID. The cookies are bound to the domain ads.nurofy.com.

Public internet infrastructure information – When an ad is served to you, we derive some public information about your device and browser from the request to load the ad.

Tags – Our clients may implement tag technology on their website to enable them to understand how your browser interact with their sites and services.

How we use the information

The purpose of collecting the data described is to enable our clients to buy advertising space and run successful advertisement campaigns. The information is used for targeting advertisements, generating performance reports on the campaigns (clickthrough and conversion), generating aggregated data segments and statistics on the data to improve our services.

Data retention

The cookies placed in your browser expires no longer than 366 days after last interaction with that cookie. The unique identifier we have assigned to your devices and the non-sensitive information connected to that ID are stored for as long as that information serves our legitimate business purpose, up to a maximum limit of 18 months. When you actively opt out of our services, we delete the information associated with your unique ID from our servers.

Legal ground

We comply to EU regulations of GDPR and ePrivacy and we seek consent for placing and reading cookies on a device. When we collect data, we rely on our legitimate business purpose and your consent, except when that is overridden byyour data protection interests or fundamental rights and freedoms.

Access to data

The information that we collect are confidential and is not shared with any external parties. Since we are using Azure cloud solutions, the information is stored encrypted on storage units owned and operated by Microsoft. We share user information as follows:

-Persons working for Nurofy where access to data is required solving their tasks. All employees work under a duty of confidentiality and may under no circumstances share data or access to data that violates this privacy policy.

-Clients on our platform may access aggregated data from your information. They may use this information in conjunction with informationthey provide themselves from their systems, this information is subject to their privacy policy.

-Nurofy may share information with partners or sell assets as a part of a business transfer.

-If Nurofy is legally obliged to do so by court order or other regulatory requirements.

Your rights and consent management

You can opt out of these services at any time, and when you do, we will delete allinformation related to you. In addition, you have the right to request all information related to you and request information on how your data is processed. You can also restrict processing of your personal data.

To opt out or in, please visit: https://nurofy.com/privacy-choice/

For any other requests regarding your data, please send us an email on privacy@nurofy.no.

Further alternatives to limit tracking

When we receive opportunities to buy advertising space on your android or apple device, we receive a mobile advertising identifier like IDFA (Apple) and AAID (Google) identifying your device. This is subject to the privacy policies of Apple and Google, to review the policies and limit tracking, please visit their sites:

Apple – https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202074
Google – https://support.google.com/ads/answer/2662922?hl=en

Policy updates

Nurofy will update this privacy policy when necessary and if we make any changes this policy will update before it is implemented in the system. To get themost recent updates please revisit this site periodically. Last updated version: 2019-03-08