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What is Performance Marketing?

Performance Marketing is about optimizing marketing based on specific target groups and goals. The purpose is to use results along the campaign to create better targeting and achieve greater accuracy in advertising.

Simply put, Performance Marketing is about ensuring that the marketing campaign reaches its desired target audience during the campaign period. Marketing today is a dynamic process where the world is constantly changing, and it is therefore important that marketing campaigns adjust themselves in line with the surroundings.

Performance marketing adjusts the campaign based on results, feedback and data information. This information may be that the campaign achieve better results in some segments, geographical locations, bids, channels, etc. Then the campaigns are optimized based on those who respond on the Ad or perform an convention event. A performance marketer is working to create as accurate advertising as possible so that it reach specific users with tailor-made messages. This is a continuous process where optimizations and budget adjustments are made along the way and ads A / B are tested against each other.

How does Nurofy work with Performance Marketing?

Nurofy’s artificial intelligence applies performance marketing to your campaigns automatically. It continuously makes adjustments based on data and analyses made in earlier and current campaigns. AdEngine is a system that learns. It is always improving and learning more about who your customers are and how to reach them. Different data sources are analyzed and it makes micro experiments to provide you with the best possible results for your marketing budget.

You get a digital Performance marketer that works 24/7 to optimize all your campaigns when you use AdEngine. This gives improved results as well as it frees resources for other purposes.

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