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Selling stage-play tickets with AI.

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Selling tickets with AI.

In the autumn of 2018, Nurofy began a collaboration with Olebull Scene using AdEngine to market stage-performances on Facebook. They wanted to try our artificial intelligence on stage-performances that were traditionally difficult to sell.

Nurofy started by structuring webpage data with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook pixel. Goals, conversions and pixels tags were implemented on both the website and Ticketmaster. With this as data sources, we used AdEngine and started marketing the stage-performances to targeted segments and audiences on Facebook.

How effective was the advertising?

Using AdEngine, Olebull Scene achieved an ROI for each NOK in mediaspend of NOK 10 in return.

“Ole Bull Huset experiences Nurofy as a very dedicated and forward-thinking company with constant focus on achieving better performance for the customer. We have a close, challenging and exciting collaboration and we are very pleased with the choice of partner in marketing using artificial intelligence”. Birte Iversen – Sales Manager Ole Bull Huset.

Want to know more about Ole Bull Scene? Visit their website here (Only in Norwegian).

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