Nurofy Ads


What is Nurofy Ads?

Nurofy Ads will be one of the world’s first marketing robots.

During the space of 2020, the service will be ready for companies themselves to connect and have access to the best technology for distribution of campaigns. Bits and pieces of the service is ready and in use, but for the time being it needs assistance from our team to function.


The first silo disapears!

Early 2020 our customers will get access to Facebook and programmatic with attribution. 

That means the first silos are broken down. With attribution, the company will see how Facebook and programmatic advertising on chosen online publications affects each other and what budget each of the channels should have in order to achieve the best possible result. The results are measured against the company’s KPIs. 

With Nurofy Ads, the tasks in the marketing department becomes easier when the most important digital push channels are gathered in one location. With built in machine learning, Nurofy Ads will collect data continually and optimize campaigns based on it. That means that the recommendations from the robot will be in real time, and not based on numbers from earlier campaigns or statistics from last year. The algorithms from both Facebook and Google changes so fast that what worked a few months ago is not necessarily what works now. That requires that you are always well read and close to the technology all the time.

Good data structure gives foundation for market growth

The customers we have are forward-leaning and sees the value in taking advantage of new technology early. That gives them a competitive edge and the information collected is the basis for further growth, not just in existing markets, but also when expending to new markets. The companies decide on strategy, design and KPIs themselves. Campaign material is sent to us and we handle distribution, monitoring and rapports.

Access to the entire world

The robot develops into more than a media agency. It also develops into a Demand Side Platform (DSP). All programmatic advertising happens through a stock exchange for purchase and sale of ads and ad spaces. Nurofy has a heavy developer environment and have, as maybe the only Norwegian company, been given permission to connect with Google Ad Exchange directly. Google Ad Exchange is the world’s largest platform for programmatic purchase and sale, and no one can circumvent the platform when running big marketing campaigns.



By connecting to Google Ad Exchange directly, we avoid multiple technology fees, and these savings benefit the customers. International companies will during 2020 advertise on online publications all around the world from their own computers. It will be easy, understandable and all campaigns can be followed through a live dashboard.


The complexity disappears

Digital marketing is hard if you want to do it right and secure a good ROI. With Nurofy Ads, the complexity is removed in digital distribution. The service makes media acquisitions more transparent, easier and fairer.

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