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Complete ecosystem for housing advertising

Nurofy has a partnership with Proaktiv Eiendomsmegling within digital advertising.

With Nurofy’s technology, Proaktiv has a unique advantage in their digital advertising of housings. Smart marketing is important to get a quick turnover and right price for the real estate.

Nurofy has developed and refined the advertising platform Protreff for Proaktiv Eiendomsmegling, and it is Norway’s most complete solution for housing advertisements.

Proaktiv has exclusive right for use of the Protreff-platform for real estate advertising in Norway, but we can take on new customers in other countries.

Protreff was put in use early spring 2016 and has been continually developed ever since

The ads are published on chosen online publications (Programmatic) and Facebook. The traffic from the ads leads to dedicated landing pages with adapted content.

Analysis of factors like size, area, housing type, number of bedrooms and more, gives extensive knowledge about different types of buyers. Every 12th hour the system updates with new knowledge that optimizes the ecosystem for marketing. 

All in all, the ads get better hits for the target audience than any other marketing.

Our goals for ProTreff !

Correct advertising

More downloads for prospects

Quick turnover for housing

How efficient is this solution?

Protreff gives 3-5 times as many views of the residence than a normal ad in social media, for the same price.

In addition will each viewing of the property increase the conversion frequency between 80 and 160 % compared to landing pages that does not have adapted content.

Briefly summarized, ProTreff increase the probability for meeting the most important buyer – namely the one that appreciates your residence the most.

Vibeke Stavenes

Daglig leder, Proaktiv Gruppen AS

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