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Digital Strategy with AI.

Digital strategy is a strategic document that is essential for succeeding online. It describes in detail how a company should manage its online presence in relations to customers, marketing, web content, etc.

The most important thing a business does is communicating a message to its customers. This can be done in several different ways, from a showcase in a store, to a blogpost on a website. What these have in common is that the message does not give any value if it is never seen by the customer. Nurofy can help you get seen by potential customers and can create digital strategies based on A.I. advertising. Nurofy delivers an advertising-software based on a powerful artificial intelligence and our goal is that you’ll use it to be successful online. Before we start looking at how we can integrate the solution for your business, it is wise to take a step back and figure out what your want to accomplish with your advertising campaigns.


What message do you wish to advertise, is the homepage structured in a good way, what do you know about the customers you have today and their use of your website, how does the typical Customer Decision Journey start is a couple of important questions that should be answered before one would start with digital advertisement. A comprehensive digital strategy would maximize your business’s marketing value with artificial intelligence. Nurofys specialists can create a digital strategy for your operation. 

Do you know the Customer Decision Journey to your customers or how they find you online?

Where does the Customer Decision Journey start?

This may be the most important question your business needs to know to achieve success online. The answer to this question will help you design a strategy for digital marketing.

So how do you answer this question? A good first step is to use Google Analytics. This is a well-used tool that gives a good overview of your website. It can be used to disclose traffic, behavior, demographics, conversions and other important information about your own website. This information gives a quick status update, and quickly gives any indication if anything should be examined closer. Examples of this could be that visitors on the website does not perform a wanted action. Closer examination can disclose if the content on the page is lacking, the conversion is not defined well enough or that there is something wrong with the structure on the website itself.

By knowing the current status, it will be easier to measure the progress with our tool. Then there is two marketing strategies to choose from:

  • Inbound marketing – About attracting customers by having good content on the website, blogs and social media, good placement in search engines and more. In short, it is about attracting customers to a wanted page by showing relevant content.
  • Outbound marketing – About spreading a message to potential customers in various channels. This is advertising on websites and social media. 

Nurofy delivers outbound marketing based on artificial intelligence with high accuracy. Nevertheless, we recommend examining the opportunities on inbound marketing. This is especially relevant for businesses that have products/services where the customer use a long time to reflect before purchasing your goods . Our A.I. can find the right customer with your message, but if the customer decides to buy the product at a later time, it’s crucial that the customers can find their way back.

 Use A.I. to unlock the value in your data.

All websites can potentially log enormous amounts of useful data. Unfortunately, there are many businesses that do not take advantage or see the value of this data. Website data can potentially be useful for making datadriven decisions and strategys based on customer behaviour. Therefore, it’s important to take advantage of this strategic tool for all that it is worth.

Nurofy helps you structure your data and connect trackers to your website. This is done through Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel and more. By structuring the data with precise trackings, new exciting opportunities become available. This can be everything from goals, conversions, attribution to customer segments.

By using this data as a source to our A.I. AdEngine, then we can help you learn who the customer is and how to find them with targeted and precise advertisement. Contact one of our specialists to hear which digital strategies and opportunities that is available for your business.


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