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Digital advertising is an effective way of advertising and a reliable alternative to reach more visitors and attract new customers. We offer advertising through paid searches, social media, display adverts (delta and GDN) and in-app (Instagram, Snapchat).

We choose the best suited advertising platforms for you to achieve your business goals and help you reach the desired target-group within the correct channels at the right time with the right message. We do ongoing assessments and optimizations continuously for all campaigns, so that you get the most amount in return for your investment into advertisement.


AdEngine is a self-developed artificial intelligence which advertises on Facebook and Google. It works across channels to optimize your advertising budget. It combines data from multiple sources to make accurate decisions and reach customers in the right channels.

With the assistance of AdEngine, campaign results are analyzed and the campaign is optimized throughout the campaign period. This makes our digital advertising cheaper, easier to use and not to mention more accurate. In short: you get a lot more in return for your investment in digital marketing.


We help you achieve success online

We help you advertise through the following channels –>

Google Advertising

Google offers effective and profitable advertising. We help you with search-, banner-, mobile, video and shopping campaigns.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising and lets you show your ads to those best suited for your business.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms for image based content and offers good audience targeting and high engagement.

Linkedin Advertising

Linkedin offers a very precise audience targeting and possibilities to target the decision maker which is searching for the service your business is offering.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic makes it possible to deliver very relevant and effective advertising to the desired target groups.

Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat lets your reach out to a younger audience in addition to engage on a more personal level (1 on 1).


A great tool that makes it possible to display tailored ads to users that has been on the websites and shown an interest in the services you provide.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping lets you market your products by displaying detailed information about what you’re selling, before they click the ad.

Performance Marketing

AdPro is a service that continuously optimizes your campaigns across channels to achieve the best results.

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