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Digital marketing is a complex and dynamic process. Our artificial intelligence AdEngine makes knowledge-based decisions and provide unmatched accuracy.

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What is AdEngine?

Nurofy AS has a proprietary advertising software based on artificial intelligence called AdEngine. Using data and machine learning, it will advertise in channels like Facebook and Google to the right people.

AdEngine is designed to optimize marketing budgets across different channels to get the most out of the advertising and provide quality traffic at the lowest possible cost. It combines data from multiple sources to make knowledge-based and accurate decisions. It has proven high accuracy and will help you reach your goals online.

How does AdEngine work?

With use of Machine learning the campaign results is analysed and optimized during the campaign period. This makes our digital marketing cheaper, easier and last but not least, more accurate. In short: you get far more for the money you spend on digital marketing.

 AdEngine is an algorithmically controlled advertising software powered by artificial intelligence that makes a multitude of operations to solve a computer problem. At the same time, the system learns from past and ongoing results and is getting better and more efficient. AdEngine optimizes your campaigns on audiences and segments, and therefore knows who your customer are.



What is the advantage of using Adengine?

By using artificial intelligence to analyze web data and optimize your marketing, you unlock the potential of your own data. This provides unmatched results and the message reach your ideal customers. With targeted advertising, AdEngine can help you succeed online. Contact one of our specialists to learn about how this technology can help your business. Nurofy has extensive experience with large and small companies within A.I advertising.

How are the good results achieved?

Using artificial intelligence, AdEngine allocates budgets between channels internally and externally. It adjusts audiences and creates new ads based on what gives the best results during the campaign. 

By always adapting and optimizing based on incoming results AdEngine gives you the best and first virtual digital marketer.



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