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Digital Marketing with AI

Nurofy is a Tech company located in Media City, Bergen. We provide proprietary advertising services developed in-house. The services we provide are AdEngine, which is an advertising tool for the B2B and B2C market. AdPro is a tailor-made advertising software for home sales delivered to Proactive Real Estate Agency.

Our services makes continually knowledge-based decisions to deliver ads to the right people. The services work across Facebook and Google and prioritize the channels that delivers the bests results. Using machine learning, the services make adjustments and programmatically learn to be the best digital marketer for your company.



Digital Marketing is a time-consuming and complex process. Our solution AdEngine simplifies and automates this process. Using machine learning, campaign performance is analyzed and continuously optimized during the campaign period. AdEngine adjusts channels, audiences, and allocates budgets according to what best results in the campaign. AdEngine works over time with user data from various platforms to find the right audience for the best price.


AdPro is a tailor-made software for advertising homes delivered to Proaktiv Real Estate. It uses artificial intelligence to automate  processes that previously had to done manually. The software automates the creation of campaigns on Facebook and Google,  optimizing campaigns continually and deliver personalized content on a designated landingpage. This helps Proactive achieve 8.8 times more conversions than a traditional social media advertising campaign at the same cost.

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